The floor creaked under my weight as I walked across the wood to get to my bed. The weight of whatever this was pressed down on my shoulders.

The chains that clad my feet followed in perfect rhythm to my movements and soon the sound was drowned by the nothingness that wrapped my mind.

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the skeleton of what used to be me in the reflection of the mirror that mocked my very existence and snickered hoarsely. I gasped and sighed since that was my way of breathing now.

My hair hung messily about me and I laid back in the cold bed and looked up at the ceiling. The whispering that had become all so familiar with the silence grew from my motionlessness . My head throbbed as I shut the voices out and refused to listen to the words they spoke.

The curtain flew carelessly into the dusty room as I just lay there and thought of what life outside will be.

I gasped and sighed, sighed and gasped. My lungs were the last things really doing their best for me.

I stayed that way till night fell again. Food was of no concern to me, those I loved were dead to me and those who loved me were dead.

The little clock on my bedside struck midnight. It was the day of my birth..the anniversary of the day of my birth..I could be happy today..I could wish for anything I wanted today.

I tied my hair behind me and made my way down the stairs to the living room, past the kitchen and into the basement. I squinted in the dark but there was no way I wouldn’t recognise them even if I lost my sight.

I knelt before the stakes I had mounted with the insides of their bodies wrapped around the skewers I had made and put my hands together to make a wish. I wished they would not be dead and I wished I was not the one that killed them.

I must have been there for a while for the ringing of the door bell interrupted my tears. It was my birthday and the ones I loved had come to cheer me up. But as I said before, the ones I loved are dead to me and the ones who loved me are dead.

The smell of the rotten flesh didn’t bother me as I wept silently for the ones I had lost, and mourning for those behind the door who had lost me.


The dawn air was still clothed in dew. The wind was soft and gentle, nudging the trees and the plants and animals to welcome a new day. The leaves dripped with the cold air’s kiss and bowed its tips into the river from the crushing weight of the drops. The insects were alive and buzzing from one point to the other and I lay there in the boat, my heart heavy with loneliness.

I could not see this obviously because I lay flat in the boat, watching the sun chase the darkness of the night away. My body swayed with my water vehicle, side to side, round and round. The river felt still and lifeless and yet the wind would not let it rest.

I lay there, one hand breaking the surface of the water while the other blocked the moving sun’s rays from my face. I lay there, one stupor after the other as thought of life when we had each other, the life we both once had.

I sigh and become one with the wind as I close my eyes and feel the world around me as I become one with nature. I was married with the wind and it was an affectionate lover, a kiss on the nape and on the cheek ,and sometimes a shy one on my lips. I definitely did not mind.

The frills of my dress obeyed the toying of the wind and found itself in the water seemingly searching for a meaning, but i definitely did not mind for my face was wetter with tears. i wept silently but with my face to Helios’ sun, the tears quickly disappeared like they were never there, the evidence of my sorrow.

I knew the birds wanted me to smile, and the bugs kept me company. But soon the sun left me and the cool evening was hastily followed by the depressing night. I hear my mother yelling for me and my father calling after her.

I lay there in sorrowful peace knowing that we would meet again someday. I lay still as their voices faded away from the river, with a penny in hand for the ferryman.


The night was warm so that deserved a cold shower right? well I had a hot one anyway.

The steam clouded up the glass of the bathroom and the droplets that fell on its walls raced to find the floor. The heat radiated throughout my body leaving me feeling extremely refreshed.

I stepped out dipping with water and shivered as the cooler air in the room surrounded my body and seem to feed off its wetness.

I reached for the robe quickly and sighed contentedly as it touched my skin and covered me in a warm comfy hug.

I reached for a towel and gently dabbed my hair as I walked to sit in front of my dresser and smiled at my reflection.

I dried myself up and left my hair damp about me while i sprinkled my skin with the fragrance my man loved. I giggled at the thought of the look on his face if he saw me.

I slipped on the silk nightwear I picked out specially for him and then sat down excitedly on the edge and waited.

As the night wore on and the candle burned further into its holder my eyes grew weary and i let sleep take over me while i dreamed a dream where my husband was home.

It had been a while or so my body told me as i felt the touch i wanted caress my skin. I smiled said sleepily welcome home as his wide palms travelled up and down my thigh.

i shifted in the bed eager for more as he lifted my not so modest garment and stroked my body, one gentle flick of the nipple after the other and my body responded as the space between my thighs grew warm and wet.

I let out a low moan as his fingers found the wet parts of me and he let his finger caress its most sensitive. I pulled him down to me to get his lips on mine and wrap my legs around his body.

The kiss, it was much different than I recall. He lowered his head to feast on my neck when i smelled his skin. He smelled unusual. i tilted my head and reached up to hug him close but his body felt different.

The fingers he touched me with me felt rather odd as i begun to let my head do the thinking. Had he been out drinking with his friends again?

I looked to the window and saw how dark the night sky was and turned my attention back to my husband who was ready to go in me as he had spread my legs apart to get in.

He let out a low groan and i begun to panic as he said oh yes. my eyes widened in disbelief. i tried to push him off my voice unable to speak my thoughts.

my mind raced as I realized what was happening. softly, I said no NO no NO nO nO. I saw the unfamiliar eyes glow in the dark and i heard him say… just like that Genevieve.

I fought with all my strength and finally found my voice. I screamed and screamed and fought and fought and it wouldn’t stop. I heard the house phone ringing somewhere in the house

I lost consciousness and woke up to the sound of a car, my husband’s car, pulling up the driveway it was 1:23AM.

i burst into tears and rolled of the bed and hugged myself at the thought of the violation that had taken place. Sorry I’m home late hon. i tried calling but i guess you were asleep.

I wailed louder and shrunk away from him. In case you’re wondering my name is Margaret

The Waltz

credits to the owner

The music was soft and caressed the senses. It roamed around my ears like a soft kiss on the lobe as my body responds and moves me towards my man. The shiver climbed down my back, licking every bone and making my legs weak.

He takes my hand gently and guides me to the floor as all eyes stare at me but mine are fixed on him. The chandelier hung low and the interior was solemn. The flowers drooped and the lamps burned dimly as the music coaxed peace from my insides.

I smile at him for whatever reason as he sweeps me in his arms, on around my tensed waist and the other taking my palm in his delicately. His touch felt like no other as I follow his lead in the steps of the waltz.

Stepped back daintily with my right foot, eyes still captured by his and the intense want in it. A graceful move to my left, and meet the left with the right so both face him as I close my eyes and think of the life before meeting him and sighed in relief as his grip tightened around me as if telling me that it was all well now that I was with him.

The light seems to follow us both as I glide around to the music that reminds me of waves on the shores of the beaches I had been to. I enjoy the moment as he lifts my chin to look into my eyes as I move to him with my left foot and and back again before swaying like a flower in spring breeze to the right.

The music comes to an end but no one claps, I take a step back and curtsy to him as he bows and walks to the end of the room to retrieve his coat and his scythe and looks back at me. The candles had completely gone out and it was just us both. The moonlight walked across the floor and he stood in the corner, eyes still fixed on me and I could tell because they glowed bright red.

The air grew chilly and I knew it was from him. My heart didn’t match my mind as I walked to him and took his outstretched arm . I smiled up at my grim reaper and looked back at the entrance that shone brightly and then looked ahead to where he led me and me heart beat in sync with his.

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